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Parabola Graph - Function Plotter

Parabola is a simple plotting program for mathematical functions. Input and plot five functions into a 2D coordinate system with different colors. Many important types of functions, including quadratic, exponential and sine functions, can be calculated. Parabola also includes features for creating and exporting value tables as well as for printing plotted functions.

About the Project

Parabola Graph is a simple WinForms function plotter which plots basic mathematical functions into a movable 2D coordinate system. Some features of the application are:

  • plot five different functions in different colors into a coordinate system
  • support for many basic types of functions (linear, quadratic, exponential, trigonometric)
  • simply switch and select plotted functions to edit them
  • create and export simple value tables for plotted functions
  • print view of plotted functions


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